Dependable Maid


Even before you clean, there are a few precautions you should take so that cleaning can be finished as painlessly as possible.

– Wear comfortable, old clothes that you won’t mind staining or getting dirty.

– Take stock of your cleaning needs and supplies. Don’t wait until you’re about to clean the oven to find out that you don’t have any oven cleaner left. Have everything on hand and ready to go for a smooth time.
– Prepare one bucket of supplies to bring with you to every room. All you really need are a few rags, some paper towels, furniture polish, and one good all purpose glass and counter cleaner. These items will do the trick for most cleaning jobs. Also, grab two empty garbage bags: one to carry garbage you find along the way, and the other to fill with things you no longer want but are still useful. You can give these items away or sell
them at a later date.
–Turn off the TV and the phone! The quickest cleaning is accomplished without any distractions.
–Get organized. Make a list of the rooms you want to tackle, then clean each room fully before moving on to the next.
–Let the sun shine in! Open the windows and let the clean, green aroma of spring’s new flower and plant life enter your home. Not only will the mustiness of winter be removed, but you’ll also protect yourself from inhaling dust and dangerous fumes from cleaning products.

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